Access Historical and Legal Documents at Spain's General Archive

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What is it?

The General Archive of the Ministry of Justice in Spain is a repository where various types of legal and historical documents are stored. This archive contains valuable records that can be used for genealogy, legal research, and historical inquiries.

Who needs it?

Individuals who may need to access these documents include genealogists, historians, researchers, legal professionals, and anyone interested in tracing their ancestry or needing documentation for legal purposes.


  1. Determine the Specific Documents Needed:

    • Identify the type of document you require, such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, or court records.
  2. Visit the Official Website:

  3. Register for Online Services:

    • Create an account on the platform to request document access.
  4. Submit a Request Form:

    • Fill out the appropriate online form with all required information such as your personal details and the specific documents you are looking for. This can often be found under the “Archive” section of the website.
  5. Provide Necessary Identification:

    • You may be required to provide a scanned copy of your identification document (ID card or passport).
  6. Wait for Confirmation:

    • After submitting your form, wait for a confirmation email from the Ministry of Justice. This email may contain further instructions on how to access the documents.
  7. Access or Receive Documents:

    • Depending on the document type, you may either be able to download them online, or receive them via postal mail.

Required Documents

  • Personal Identification:

    • Typically, a valid passport or national ID.
  • Request Form:

    • This is filled out via the Ministry of Justice’s portal.
  • Proof of Relationship or Justification of Request (if required):

    • This could include documents that prove your lineage or the need for legal documents, depending on the sensitivity and type of the records requested.

Providers that can do it for you

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Additional details

  • Language Considerations:

    • Most documents will be in Spanish, so consider having a translator if needed.
  • Historical Record Availability:

    • Some records might be archived in local municipal archives rather than the General Archive of the Ministry of Justice.
  • Contact Information:

    • For any specific inquiries, you can contact the archive directly via the contact details provided on the Ministry’s website.


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