Authorization and Renewal of Temporary Residence: Step-by-Step Guide

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What is it?

Authorization and renewal of temporary residence for exceptional circumstances is a process by which individuals can legally stay in a country due to unique or emergency situations that deviate from standard immigration protocols. This could include humanitarian reasons, specific agreements, or personal situations warranting special consideration.

Who needs it?

This is ideal for individuals who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances requiring them to stay in a country without meeting the standard criteria for temporary residence. Examples can include asylum seekers, victims of trafficking, or those with extraordinary personal circumstances.


  1. Initial Enquiry:

    • Begin by contacting the relevant immigration authorities in your jurisdiction to understand the specific criteria and forms required.
  2. Prepare Documentation:

    • Gather all necessary documents proving your exceptional circumstances. This could include medical records, police reports, or official statements.
    • Obtain translation and notarization of all documents if required.
  3. Submit Application:

    • Fill out the application form for a temporary residence permit indicating your exceptional circumstances.
    • Submit the application form along with all supporting documents to the relevant immigration office.
  4. Attend Interview:

    • Be prepared for an interview with immigration authorities who will assess your situation.
    • Provide additional information or documentation if requested.
  5. Await Decision:

    • The processing time can vary based on the urgency and complexity of your case.
    • You may need to provide further clarification or additional documentation during this period.
  6. Receive Temporary Residence Permit:

    • If approved, you will receive a temporary residence permit. Check the validity period and conditions attached.
    • Register with the local municipality if required.
  7. Renewal Process:

    • Before your temporary residence permit expires, contact immigration authorities to begin the renewal process.
    • Gather any new evidence or documents that support the continuation of your exceptional circumstances.
    • Submit a renewal application with updated documents.

Required Documents

  • Personal Identification:

    • Passport, National ID, Birth Certificate.
  • Proof of Exceptional Circumstances:

    • Medical Records, Police Reports, Official Statements corroborating your circumstances.
  • Financial Stability:

    • Proof you can support yourself financially during your stay or details of any supportive family or organizations.
  • Accommodation Proof:

    • Rental Agreement or Statement from your host.
  • Additional Support Documents:

    • Any other documents that can support your need for a residence permit due to exceptional circumstances.

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Additional details

  • Always keep copies of all submitted forms and documents.
  • Stay in close contact with the immigration office during the application process.
  • Ensure you comply with all conditions attached to your temporary residence permit to avoid complications during renewal stages.


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