Register as Self-Employed in Spain: Model 036 Explained

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What is it?

Model 036 is the official form required in Spain for registering as self-employed or for registering a new business with the Spanish Tax Agency (Agencia Tributaria). It is essential for anyone looking to start their own business or work as a freelancer in Spain.

Who needs it?

Ideal for:

  • Individuals aiming to start a new business in Spain
  • Freelancers or self-employed professionals (autónomos)
  • Anyone needing to formalize their business activities for tax purposes


  1. Obtain Form 036:

  2. Complete the Form:

    • Fill in necessary sections including your personal details, business information, and your tax obligations.
    • If you need any guidance or interpretation of the fields, it’s useful to consult with a local tax advisor or an experienced peer.
  3. Submit the Form:

    • Prepare all necessary supporting documents (see below).
    • Submit the form online through the Tax Agency’s website or in person at a local tax office.
  4. Follow Up:

    • Monitor for any communications from the Tax Agency for confirmation or additional requirements. Ensure your contact details are up to date to avoid missing important notices.

Required Documents

  • Identification Documents:

    • NIE (Foreigners Identification Number) or DNI (Spanish Identification Number)
    • Passport (for non-Spanish nationals)
  • Proof of Address:

    • Recent utility bill or rental contract.
  • Business Plan:

    • A brief description of your business activities.
  • Previous Tax Returns (if applicable).

  • Social Security Registration Certificate (for employers).

Providers that can do it for you

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Additional details

  • Registering as an autónomo vs. starting a business: In Spain, being autónomo means you are an individual self-employed professional, whereas starting a business can involve creating a separate legal entity such as a company.
  • Be aware of the local obligations: Different regions in Spain might have additional requirements or benefits for autónomos; always check with local authorities.


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