Venezuelan Birth Certificate - Obtain and Verify Easily

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What is it?

This service provides a comprehensive guide for obtaining and verifying birth certificates in Venezuela. It consolidates necessary information and outlines the processes involved, helping users navigate through legal requirements with ease. Whether for personal identification, passport application, or other legal purposes, this service ensures you have everything covered.

Who needs it?

This service is ideal for Venezuelan citizens who need their birth certificate for legal processes such as applying for a Cedula, passport, or dual citizenship. It is also beneficial for parents needing birth certificates for their children, emigrants, and individuals requiring legal verification of their birth details in Venezuelan records.


  1. Visit the Civil Registry Office where the birth was registered.
  2. Request a copy of the birth certificate, providing necessary details like full name, date of birth, and parents’ names.
  3. If the registry office does not have a digital record, ask for guidance on retrieving the physical book where the birth was recorded.
  4. Verify the document by checking the folio and book number correspond to the official records.
  5. If needed, visit the corresponding regional office that can provide a certified copy of the birth certificate.
  6. Finally, if any authentication is needed for international use, follow the Apostille procedure as specified by Venezuelan authorities.

Required documents

  • A valid identification document (Cedula or passport) of the requester.
  • Details of the registered birth: Full name, date of birth, and parents’ names.
  • Proof of relationship (if requesting for someone else’s birth certificate, such as a child).

Providers that can do it for you

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Additional details

  • If the exact civil registry office is unknown, broader searches or regional queries can be initiated.
  • Some users may be redirected to a central archive if local records are incomplete.
  • In specific cases where the birth certificate is needed for emigration, further legalizations or translations may be required.
  • The procedure can vary slightly depending on the state or municipality within Venezuela.


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