Venezuela Driving License: Application & Renewal Guide

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What is it?

The driving license service in Venezuela is designed to help individuals acquire or renew their driving license with ease. It provides a clear step-by-step procedure, necessary documentation, and important details required for a hassle-free application or renewal process.

Who needs it?

This service is ideal for Venezuelan residents who need a new driving license, are renewing an existing license, or are looking for information on how to drive legally within Venezuela. It is also beneficial for Venezuelans abroad who need to understand the process for maintaining or transferring their driving license status.


  1. Gather all required documents.
  2. Schedule an appointment at your local DMV office in Venezuela.
  3. Submit your application along with necessary documents.
  4. Pass the vision test and any required exams.
  5. Pay the applicable fees.
  6. Receive your driving license upon successful completion of all steps.

Required documents

  • Identity Card (Cédula de Identidad) - Obtain from the National Electoral Council (CNE).
  • Proof of Residence - Usually a utility bill in your name.
  • Medical Certificate - Issued by an authorized health institution.
  • Previous Driving License (if renewing) - Present your current or expired license.
  • Passport-size Photographs - Typically 2 recent photos.

Providers that can do it for you

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Additional details

  • Make sure your personal information matches across all documents to avoid delays.
  • The medical certificate must be from an authorized health provider.
  • For renewing a license, certain regions in Venezuela may have specific requirements.
  • There may be additional tests if applying for a motorcycle license.
  • For Venezuelans abroad, consult with local embassies or consulates for specific procedures related to foreign driving licenses.


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